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Welcome! I am Raine Rose, the CEO of Raine Rose, a social entrepreneur, and coach. I work in many areas of business, education, and graphic design with many professionals to help create and grow their passion, turning them into revenue. 


I have spent the past fifteen years in education where I have mastered my gift of educating and inspiring others. Many of my students call me "an inspiration". While my clients reference my as a "Jane of all Trades". 


It is my absolute joy to service you in the areas of  business marketing, education, entertainment, and graphic design.  For years, I have tried to narrow down my many services, but the demand is key to my supply. As the demand increase, I will continue to add qualified professionals to assist with your needs.


It is truly my pleasure to serve you! Learn more about the available services below.


Our team is equipped with passionate professionals who strive to provide professional service. 

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